What is the average age of employees.

2018 year 3 At the end of the month 33.2 years old, centering on the 30.

What is the gender ratio in Raksul?

Depends on the type of occupation, it is roughly 6: 4 as a whole.

What are the official working hours?

Basically 8 hours including core time 10:00 - 17:00. Some positions might adopt a shift system depending on your responsibility and employment type.

Are there any relocations or transfers possibilities?

Basically you'll work in Tokyo (Meguro Head Office), but there are possibilities for relocation or transfer depending on the your position.

Is there any dress code?

Casual and free!

How any days of paid annual leave do I get?

You will get 5 days when as a start. After 6 months of work, you will get another 5 days (if your attendance is at least 8). Subsequent increment are subject to the provisions of Article 39 of the Labor Standards Act. In addition, you will also get summer vacation of 3 days (from month 7 to 9).

Are there systems for childcare?

Maternity leave applies to the 6 weeks before childbirth and the 8 weeks after. We also have a childcare support system for members with children under 1 year of age. In addition, we will give a lump-sum allowance to celebrate the birth of your child!

Also, our management team is family oriented and all employees are encouraged to actively participate in housework and childcare. We have implemented systems such as work-from-home, flexible working hours, staggered working hours. We want to makes it easy for every employee to balance his or her work and family commitments.

Is it possible to have a side job after joining the company?

We will review employees' formal "parallel career application" request. For details, please contact us.

Is there any opportunity for people with disabilities?

What we look for in an employee are "skill", "motivation" and "aptitude". So please feel free to apply to the position of your interest! We apply the same fair selection standard to all our applicants.

Do you hire non-Japanese?

We believe in the globalization of talent; we welcome all bright minds to join us, regardless of your nationality and background! However, since the official language of communication in the company is Japanese, it will great if you have at least the basic business Japanese language skill.

Can you return the resume I submitted?

We will not be able to respond to inquiries and request for return. However, please be assured that after the selection process we will promptly dispose or delete any personal information you have shared with us during your application.

What should I do if I have questions on my application?

Contact us  here  for more information.

Is it possible to interview on weekends? How long is an interview?

Generally, we do not interview Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. But if there is a need, please contact us! The interview will be done on weekdays 10: 00 - 20: 00 (latest start time). The time required for an interview depends on the content of the selection, but usually it will be around 30 minutes - 60 minutes.

What is the percentage of experienced hires?

Depending on the type of position, all 80% - 90% of all employees now are experienced hires.

What is the common industry background of your experienced hires?

Raksul is made up of people from different industries and background. We are always looking for people with different experience to join us to spark new ideas and interesting discussions. See what our employees have to say about themselves  here   .

Can I apply for an internship here?

Please see  here  for more information on open internship positions. If you have any interest, please contact us even if we are not officially hiring.

Do you accept OB / OG visits?

Please directly contact our employees to make your own arrangement.

I have already graduated, can I still apply as a new grad?

Those who have already graduated, please apply to our positions for  Experienced Hire  .

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