Work is just a slice of life. But when we work, we give it all we've got.
We want to create a culture where every employee thinks like a business owner.
We want everyone to have a fulfilling career and a work-life balance.

Award & Recognition

In Raksul, we always recognize and celebrate the effort and success of our members. 
"Reality・System・Cooperation" is our work style. Every month we award members who have demonstrated these work style and created significant value to the business.  
For example, "Monthly CEO award", "Best Team", etc.

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Performance Evaluation

Our evaluation is focused on "outcome" and "skill".

We invest time and effort into open communication, goal setting, and performance evaluation. Besides quarterly review with your supervisors, there are also weekly or monthly 1-on-1s, 360 evaluation system, and organization survey to make sure that employees voice are heard.

In the free space various events also

Engineer support system

In Raksul, we want to create an environment where individual talent can thrive. For engineers, in particular, we host periodical study groups and knowledge-sharing events with experts from outside the company. We want to support our members in improving their individual skills and the effectiveness of their teams.

  • Monthly "hack it day" that focuses on solving problem-solving
  • Introduction of leading global development methods (partnering with Pivotal Labs)
  • Support for participation in overseas conventions
  • Subsidy for self-improvement books & workshops
  • Collaboration with engineers from other companies such as Google

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Work life balance support system

Work is important, but time for family and yourself is equally important. In Raksul, we have various systems that can help you balance your work and life.

  • Remote-work System
  • Staggered working hours
  • 6 hours DAY system
  • Parallel Career Support
  • Self-improvement support
  • "Thanks Holiday" (special annual holiday to award long services)
  • Maternity & childcare support system

Voices of Employees


Housing subsidy

In Raksul, we offer housing subsidies to members living near the office. Employees living within 15 minutes of walking distance or within 2 train stops from the office are eligible to receive this support. We also offer an allowance* to help employees moving into the eligible area.

*Conditions and limit apply


Meals · snacks · supplementary drinks

We provide food for everyone's enjoyment. Here are some of the things you can find in our office pantry:

  • Office Okan
  • Snacks
  • Free drinks (Exclusively for CR)
  • Water cooler
  • Nescafe Ambassador, etc.

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Club activities

If there are regularly more than five members joining an activity, the group can be recognized as an official activity "club" and receive monthly club allowance.

We have sports clubs (e.g. basketball, table tennis, yoga, golf, and futsal) and interest clubs (e.g. cooking and board game). We want to improve inter-department communication through these club activities.

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Internal events

We regularly hold in-house events, both formal and informal, such as the annual employee training camp, and family days to invite employees' families to the office.

We foster cross-department teamwork through fellowships with Raksul members and their families

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Employee discount

Employee discounts for "raksul" and "hacobell" services*.

We also provide employee discounts for non-work related services, such as housekeeping and dry cleaning services.

 *conditions apply 

We truly believe in
"changing the world"

If you do too, 
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