We want to build a working environment that is comfortable and free-spirited.
Every employee can openly share ideas, initiate discussions, 
or just have a chat over coffee anytime, anywhere.

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"Garden in the Air"  with a 12-meter ceiling

The underlying theme of our "garden in the air" office is the belief that creativity flows best in a comfortable and relaxed environment.


Fixed × Free seating system

"I want to concentrate on my own for a while", "I want to work while listening to my favorite music". In Raksul, besides your allocated workspace, there is so much open area where you can work from. You can freely change your workstation to a place where you can better concentrate.


Adjustable desk x mob programming

For those who do not want to be seated all day, we offer ascending work desks and high work-counters. We also have facilities that enable pair-programming for engineers, designers, and PMs.

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Communication space

From meeting rooms in the shape of an open box to carefully designed and decorated open office space, we want to promote open communication among everyone in Raksul. We believe that new ideas and business solutions are created through casual and open discussions.


Recharge & event space

A free space located on the second floor of a mezzanine where natural light falls from a bright glass ceiling. It is used for a break from work and for activities such as table tennis, yoga, and other fun events. This relaxing space has become the favorite of everyone in Raksul.

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We truly believe in
"changing the world"

If you do too, 
 why not join us?

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